2022-23 Balloons

Product # Outside Balloon + Product # Inside Balloon Custom Color

Custom Colors

Creating a Qualatex ® custom color is as simple as selecting two colors and combining them for a “double-stu ed” e ect. Colors shown are approximate. We recommend stu ng and inflating the actual balloons.

Q-11-19 Pearl White + Q-11-38 Ivory Silk Candlelight

Q-11-28 White + Q-11-24 Yellow Yellow Chalk

Q-11-34 Goldenrod

Q-11-19 Pearl White + Q-11-48S Gold Champagne

Q-11-48S Gold + Q-11-49S Silver Soft Gold

+ Q-11-18 Chocolate Brown Gold Ochre

Q-11-71 Pearl Ivory + Q-11-96 Mocha Brown Burlap

Q-11-60 Pearl Peach + Q-11-46 Blush Soft Beige

Q-11-46 Blush + Q-11-36 Rose Rose Peach

Q-11-38 Ivory Silk + Q-11-25 Orange Soft Orange

Q-11-60 Pearl Peach + Q-11-102 Coral Salmon

Q-11-25 Orange + Q-11-41 Onyx Black Desert Orange

Q-11-03 Mandarin Orange + Q-11-26 Pink Hot Orange

Q-11-03 Mandarin Orange + Q-11-102 Coral Tangerine

Q-11-03 Mandarin Orange + Q-11-94 Pearl Magenta Orange Peel

Q-11-61 Pearl Pink + Q-11-71 Pearl Ivory Pink Champagne

Q-11-38 Ivory Silk + Q-11-36 Rose Soft Rose

Q-11-60 Pearl Peach + Q-11-26 Pink Ice Pink

Q-11-19 Pearl White + Q-11-102 Coral Soft Peach

Q-11-102 Coral + Q-11-41 Onyx Black Dusty Orange

Q-11-60 Pearl Peach + Q-11-67 Pearl Ruby Red Blossom

Q-11-53 Ruby Red + Q-11-28 White Cherry Red

Q-11-53 Ruby Red + Q-11-102 Coral Tomato Red

Q-11-53 Ruby Red + Q-11-37

Q-11-53 Ruby Red

Q-11-18 Chocolate Brown + Q-11-48S Gold Chestnut

+ Q-11-18 Chocolate Brown Brick Red

Spring Lilac Apple Red

Q-11-33 Sparkling Burgundy + Q-11-18 Chocolate Brown Cabernet

Q-11-18 Chocolate Brown + Q-11-41 Onyx Black Truf e

Q-11-18 Chocolate Brown + Q-11-96 Mocha Brown Stucco

Q-11-61 Pearl Pink + Q-11-28 White Petal Pink

Q-11-49S Silver + Q-11-26 Pink Twilight Pink

Q-11-60 Pearl Peach + Q-11-36 Rose Flamingo

Q-11-36 Rose + Q-11-41 Onyx Black Dusty Rose

Q-11-62 Pearl Lavender + Q-11-26 Pink Misty Rose

Q-11-62 Pearl Lavender + Q-11-100 Wild Berry Mauve Wood

Q-11-61 Pearl Pink + Q-11-14 Gray Romance Rose

Due to photography and color printing processes, exact colors may vary. Colors shown are approximate. We recommend stuf ng and in ating the actual balloons.


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