2023 Balloon Schematics


 Helium-filled HBD Bubble Balloon®, Orbz®, or shapes must be displayed on (5) Full-Service checkstands.  Each month, you will receive a distribution with balloons for (5) check stands. If you have more than (5) Full-Service checkstands, merchandise the remainder with your choice of Bubble Balloon®, Orbz®, or large shaped HBD balloons.  Each checkstand should display (5) identical balloons.  Weight balloons using either W50 (clear Clip-N-Weight®) or W55 (clear Clip-N-Spool® weight) with attached ribbon.  Evenly space and clip (2) balloons on either side of the checkstand cooler – clip to the acrylic border on top of the cooler.  Display (1) balloon in the center of the checkstand cooler.  Adjust the height of the ribbon so the (4) side balloons are the same height. The center balloon should be slightly higher.

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