2023 Balloon Schematics


 Display (4) standard character balloons (that match cake patterns) and (1) Orbz® or Bubble Balloon® on 16444 (adjustable balloon stand). Place the stand on top of the cake case near the cake book.  Remember to fill the balloon tubes on each side of the cookie cake stand. Use pre-inflated Character/Holiday/Happy Birthday styles.

Pharmacy • Inflate (4) standard GWS balloons and (1) large GWS shape, Orbz®, or Bubble Balloon®. • Clip balloons to 16444 (adjustable balloon stand) or use the 16180 (small magnetic rail) on a pharmacy aisle endcap . Weight with clip weights.

Market Bunches • Inflate (4) large HBD shapes and display above Market Bunches at all times. • This is a great place to float (1) of the large number balloons. This lets your customer know these number balloons are available in your department.

Floral Department • Inflate (8) balloons (standard and large shapes) and display on the floral counter using 16444 (adjustable balloon stand). Use this stand to display your large character shapes also . • Seasonal distribution shippers: Balloons must be inflated and displayed on the shipper in the floral department or with the holiday display s .

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