Balloon Playbook 2023

STEP 1 Place 2 –Magnetic Rails (16180) next to each other, but be sure to space them apart so the balloons have room to float. Merchandising – Registers

Objective: • Offer customers the best-selling balloon licenses, themes, and/or current movies while maximizing impulse purchases. • Balloons are arranged in an organized and coordinated manner. • Provide EASY & REACHABLE access to balloons for your customers.

STEP 2 Attach 4 –Standard size balloons of the same design or varying designs, with a Reel Weight™, one at a time and only 2 per display. DO NOT unwind the ribbon. Be sure to group the balloons by balloon design.

Reminders + Tips: •

Always utilize Reel Weights™ and Reel Weights™ inserts so you can adjust ribbon length accordingly. Clearly price each balloon with the correct UPC/Retail sticker. Freshen balloons DAILY and keep displays FULL .

Fully assembled display



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