Balloon Playbook 2023

Merchandising – Bakery Tables

Objective: • Coordinate balloons to match cake décor and/or holiday themes. • Balloons are arranged in an organized and coordinated manner.

STEP 2 Place Halo Display (16444) in the middle of a Bakery table. Make sure it is evenly surrounded by the baked goods on display.

STEP 1 Assemble Halo Display (16444). This rack will adjust in height, so depending on how big your display is, you may need to raise or lower the halo.

• Provide EASY & REACHABLE access to balloons for your customers.


Attach 5– standard size balloons of the same design, with a Reel Weight™, one at a time. DO NOT unwind the ribbon. Make sure the standard balloons COORDINATE with the specialty shape balloon you placed from step 2.

Attach 1– specialty shape w/ a Reel Weight™ & Reel Weight™ Insert attached. Unwind 18” or until there is enough space for the standard balloons that will be placed below .

Fully assembled display

Reminders + Tips: •

Always utilize Reel Weights™ and Reel Weights™ inserts so you can adjust ribbon length accordingly.

Clearly price each balloon with the correct UPC/Retail sticker.

• Freshen balloons DAILY and keep displays FULL .



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