Balloon Playbook 2023

Objective: • Offer customers the best-selling balloon licenses, themes, and/or current movies while maximizing impulse purchases. • Placing near the bakery cake book is a perfect way to drive add-on purchases. Merchandising–BakeryCooler/Counter

• Balloons are arranged in an organized and coordinated manner. • Provide EASY & REACHABLE access to balloons for your customers.

STEP 1 Assemble and place a Standing Tube Display (16446) for AIR-FILLED balloons. on a sturdy and flat surface. This display is free standing and does not require a magnet or brace.

Reminders + Tips: •

It is easier if you insert the stick balloons from the top and work your way down to the bottom tubes of the display. Use 12” sticks to the displays are more compact and full (this may require cutting the sticks).

STEP 2 Insert coordinating 9-14” air-filled balloons.

• Clearly price each balloon with the correct UPC/Retail sticker. • Freshen balloons DAILY and keep displays FULL .


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