Balloon Playbook 2023

Helium– O-Ring

• The O-ring (Item #W6150) is a small rubber ring that fits tightly around the threaded end of the regulator (See illustration) . • It is necessary to have an intact O-ring because it serves as the seal between the regulator and the helium tank. • A damaged O-ring may cause helium to leak from your tank and also may effect the pressure of the helium when you inflate balloons. • You may be tempted to replace the entire regulator if you have a helium leak. However, it may be just the O-ring that needs to be replaced. It is a lot less expensive to replace the O-ring than the regulator itself!


Item#: W6150

• A good rule of thumb is to check your O-ring each time you replace your helium tank. You already have to remove the regulator, so just run your finger over the O-ring before you place it on the new helium tank. If you feel anything other than a smooth surface, it is time to replace it.

Examples of damaged O-rings

Replacing the O-Ring: 1. Turn off the helium tank and remove the regulator. 2. Dislodge the existing O-ring from the end of the regulator by rolling it off with your fingers. If you are unable to remove it this way, use scissors to cut it loose. 3. Roll on the new O-ring with your fingers. 4. Re-install the regulator with the new O-ring in place.


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