Balloon Playbook 2023

Balloon Inflation - Latex

How do you tie a LATEX balloon? LATEX BALLOONS can be sealed by hand-tying or by using balloon clips or sealing discs. • Hand-tying is the most popular and preferred method, since it has the tightest seal and gives a finished look to the balloon. • If you have a large # of latex balloons to inflate, using sealing discs or clips is a smart option.


1. Pinch the top of the tail of the balloon to keep helium from leaking & pull on the tail of the balloon. 2. Tie the end of the balloon in a simple knot. 3. Attach the curling ribbon below the knot.


1. Pinch the top of the tail of the balloon and twist it two times. 2. Insert your balloon clip directly over and behind the area where you twisted the balloon in step 1. 3. Snap the clip closed 4. Attach curling ribbon BELOW the clip.


4 1. Pinch the top of the balloon tail and pull it out so you have space to insert the disc. 2. Insert the disc onto the tail and pull and twist it around the disc so you are pulling the end of the tail back through the slot you initially inserted onto the balloon. 3. Attach curling ribbon BELOW the disc.


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