Balloon Playbook 2023

Balloon Inflation - Foil

How do you inflate FOIL balloons with helium?

1. Place the balloon on the automatic speed tip valve of the helium regulator. Using this will automatically stop filling with helium when the balloon is fully inflated. 2. Insert the speed tip valve into the inflation point on the balloon and push down. Helium will begin to flow into the balloon. When the balloon is full the automatic shutoff valve will cut off the helium. 3. Securely tie a length of curling ribbon to the balloon BELOW the inflation point. Don’t forget to attach a balloon weight.


• The majority of 17–18" and larger sized FOIL balloons manufactured today have self sealing valves. As soon as a balloon is filled with helium and removed from the regulator, the self-sealing valve automatically closes. • If you are attaching curling ribbon with a clip weight, remember to attach the curling ribbon BELOW the inflation point, so the balloon can be re-inflated, if necessary. • To apply a Reel Weight™, attach the tape to the side opposite of the balloon inflation point. No tying necessary.

Self-sealing valve

Attach curling ribbon here


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