Balloon Playbook 2023

Merchandising Standards

Card Aisle: • Coordinate balloons to match the messages on the cards directly below and surrounding the display. • It is best to use balloons that have a message associated with them in the card aisle. Front Registers: • Non-message balloons, especially CHARACTERS, tend to sell better at the front registers. Message balloons, unless holiday/season specific, belong on the Card Aisle. • Merchandise balloons for your local NFL, MLB, etc. teams during applicable seasons. • Incorporate holiday/seasonal balloons on 1–2 registers only. Bakery Department: • Character balloons, message or non-message, will merchandise the best near the cake book and cake counter. However, if you have a character theme in the bakery, be sure to include the appropriate balloons in that area as well. • Holiday/Seasonal balloons should be merchandised where appropriate. Important: • Refer to the quarterly Playbook Supplement for suggestions on merchandising in each location. • You should freshen balloons at least once a week and be sure to keep ALL your displays FULL. If you don’t have product on display it certainly decreases its chance of selling. • Reel Weights™ and Reel Weight™ Inserts make it easy for you to merchandise helium-filled balloons on your displays.


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