Balloon Playbook 2023

Merchandising – Card Aisle

Objective: • Coordinate balloons with greeting cards. • Balloons should be arranged in an organized and coordinated manner. • Creates a much cleaner and organized look for the card aisle. • Provides EASY & REACHABLE access to balloons for your customers.

STEP 2 Insert Coordinating 9-14” air-filled balloons. HINT: Use 12” sticks so the displays are more compact and full (this may require cutting the sticks).

STEP 1 Attach 1 –Air-filled Tube Display (703) to the top section of the card aisle. Make sure it is completely attached and straight. Be sure to place it high enough so the balloons will not obstruct the cards.

Reminders + Tips: • The distance between the displays will vary based on the length of your card aisle(s). • The goal is to have them evenly spaced and merchandised. • Clearly price each balloon with the correct UPC/Retail sticker. • Freshen balloons DAILY and keep displays FULL .


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