Foil Balloon Inflation + Labeling

Foil Balloons

Inflation + Labeling • Select a ribbon that coordinates with the balloon being inflated. • Tie the ribbon on the tail of the balloon directly underneath the valve opening. (See illustration #1) • Leave a 12" tail for curling to achieve finished look. • Pull ribbon to the proper length (at least 36") and cut using the ribbon cutter on ribbon rack. • Attach the end of ribbon to the appropriate sized weight. General guidelines for weights: 18" balloon = small clip weight (item #32983) 26" Shape balloon = large clip weight (item #31572) 36" Jumbo balloon = heavy plastic weight (item #32985) shutoff feature will stop helium flow when the balloon is full. • Larger shaped balloons need extra care when inflating. • Inflate slowly and do not overfill. • All balloons should be priced using the removable price label on the outside of the balloon package. • Wrap the label neatly around the ribbon about halfway down the ribbon on the balloon. (See illustration #1 & #3) • For accurate scanning, it is critical that the label used to price the • Insert brass tip into the balloon valve opening. (See illustration #2) • Push down on tip releasing helium into balloon. The automatic Reinflation • Reinflation is extremely important to a successful rate of sales. Keep stock fully inflated. • After 2–3 days on the sales floor, balloons may appear to be losing helium. You should “touch up” the balloons by adding more helium. (See illustration #4 & #5) • After 6–10 refills, some balloons lose their capability to hold helium. These balloons should be discarded and replaced with fresh balloons. • The chart below outlines the average float time for different types of balloons. How much do I charge for balloons not purchased in the Floral department of Winn-Dixie? • All retail prices for balloons listed in this catalog include inflation, ribbon, and a balloon weight for the appropriate size. • If a customer requests that a W-D employee inflate any balloon not purchased directly from the W-D floral department, please charge the following for helium, ribbon, and labor: balloon comes directly from that balloon’s package. DO NOT SWAP OR SUBSTITUTE BALLOON LABELS.






• 11" latex balloon - $.79 • 18" foil balloon - $.79 • 26" shape foil balloon - $1.50 • 36" jumbo foil balloon - $4.00

Foil Balloon Size 18" 26" 36" Average Float Time 1–2 weeks 1–2 weeks 1–3 weeks Time can vary due to conditions such as temperature, weather, and altitude.


Fully inflated

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