Kroger 2023-2024


Balloon Klips KLIP’N SEAL™. Plastic MC399 Use with 9"–18" latex balloons. $21.95 pk/1,000 MC400

Use with 9"–18" latex balloons. $11.22 pk/500

QC101 Balloon Klip Dispenser Twist Klips™. Plastic. Nylon. Attach to helium cylinder. 12" Long $13.78 ea

QC202 Automatic Balloon Klips Twist Klips™. Plastic. Use with 9"–18" latex balloons $21.95 pk/1,000

• Makes sealing helium or air- lled balloons fast + easy • Lighter weight for longer oat times

55002 Sealing Discs Safe Tite ® II. Plastic. Use with latex balloons. $5.01 pk/144 • Large enough to avoid being a choking hazard

00100 Cup/Stick Holders Premium Candy Connector ® . Plastic. 2" High $13.57 pk/250

Specially designed stem includes“Slot-N-Neck™” locking ribs to provide better, tighter t.

Extra large oval-shaped cup supports all shapes + sizes of large air- lled foil or latex balloons.

Balloon Sticks Premium Balloon Wand™. Plastic. Some assembly required. 22¾" High $23.87 pk/40 same color MBWC Clear MBWR Red

CC107 Balloon Cups MaxiCup™ II. Plastic. Use with standard–28" oversized or 16"–18" latex balloons. $4.31 pk/25

HPS20C Balloon Sticks MaxiStick™ II. Heavy plastic. Fits cups CC107. 20" High $6.45 pk/25


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