Seattle Spring 2023 Survey

Visit! Enter the product number and click the play button to learn how to make a signature candy arrangement!

Each Candy Kit includes five each:


26067 Vase Candy Kits Each kit includes: 1–4"H × 2¾"Diameter Foam Cylinder 8–10" × 10" Polypropylene Mesh Picked Sheets 8–20" × 20" Polypropylene Sheets 6–14½" Wooden Dowel Sticks 1–#9 Pull Bow 1–Card set/15. Supply

Finished product. Kits do not include containers, candy, or food.

These items sold separately: • Vase with a 3" opening, shown: 9726858 • Your choice of candy • Additional foam (if needed), 26100 • Additional sticks (if needed), 9726935


Assortments are subject to substitutions.

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