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ESPAÑOL Para las personas de habla Hispana se toman los pedidos en Español (prepago requerido). Ordenes Internacionales estan sujetas a despacharse el proximo dia y pueden experimentar demora. Cambios en ordenes ya empacadas tendran a un cargo adicional de US$25 por ese servicio. Forma de pago: VISA ® , MasterCard ® , Discover ® , American Express ® ó transferencia bancaria. Contáctenos al departamento internacional por teléfono, 706-548-1588, o vía correo electrónico,, o por fax al 706-549-5840. PLEASE NOTE All product measurements are approximate. Dyes on baskets may run if exposed to water. Sewn-in liners are not designed to hold water. Props and enhancements used throughout this catalog may be available for sale. PRICE BREAKS FOIL BALLOON DISCOUNTS Volume discounts are determined by the total number of balloons on each individual order, regardless of balloon size. This includes the total number of balloons ordered and not the amount ordered per product number. All SALE balloons and size categories are included as part of the cumulative total and apply toward the volume discount. Standard packaged assortments and 4"–14" air- lled balloons do not apply toward volume discounts.

INFORMATION For proper in ation:


Brass + Push FOIL


Plastic + Push LATEX

Plastic + Push FOIL

PACKAGED + NON-PACKAGED PACKAGED denotes that foil balloons are individually bagged. NON-PACKAGED denotes that foil balloons are not individually bagged.

SELF-SEALING BALLOONS Most standard and larger sized

balloons have self-sealing valves and do not require the use of a heat sealer.


Please indicate size when giving the product number. 1. If you order between 6–249 balloons, you will receive the rst price listed on each balloon ordered. 2. If you order between 250–499 balloons, you will receive the second price listed on each balloon ordered. 3. If you order between 500–999 balloons, you will receive the third price listed on each balloon ordered. 4. If you order 1,000 or more balloons, you will receive the fourth price listed on each balloon ordered. The correct volume discount price of each balloon ordered is automatically calculated on your nal invoice based upon the total number of balloons on the order. 100 DISCOUNT Order 100 or more pieces of any single balloon, in one size, and receive the lowest price listed. In the example shown, if you order 100 or more of XXXX in the 18 category, you will receive the lowest volume discount price of .89.

4"–14" FLAT + AIR-FILL Most air- ll foil balloons ordered at are not self-sealing and require the use of an electric air in ator and a heat sealer. Cups and sticks are sold separately. Air- ll foil balloons ordered air- lled arrive preassembled and include cups and sticks. Do not in ate non-valved foil balloons smaller than 17" with helium. MEASUREMENTS + SIZING Measurements on balloons are approximate and should be used as a range (guide) when gauging size. Due to variations in manufacturing processes, actual sizes may uctuate and vary. HIGH ALTITUDES Certain balloons cannot oat in a high altitude. If you work in a high-altitude location, please consider the following: • Balloons that are 21" or larger are more likely to oat in high altitudes than smaller standard balloons. • Standard balloons that have detailed designs use more inks, which may cause the balloon to be heavier and less likely to oat in a high altitude. • Standard round- or square-shaped balloons generally oat better than heart, star, or other shaped balloons. • Balloon weights and ribbons attached to balloons contribute to the oating ability.


NON-PACKAGED 18 .99 .96 .92 .89 04 .36 .35 .34 .33 09 .47 .46 .45 .44 36 3.10 3.00 2.90 2.80  Size in inches

LATEX BALLOON DISCOUNTS Latex balloon discounts are determined by the total dollar amount of latex balloons on each order. Latex balloon orders totaling $250–$499 receive a 10% discount on the latex balloon portion and latex balloon orders totaling $500 or more receive a 15% discount on the latex balloon portion. OTHER PRODUCT DISCOUNTS Where applicable, case prices are listed under the regular price. BALLOON MINIMUMS (expect slight variations in size due to manufacturing processes) Standard 17"–22": Order in multiples of 5 or 6. (Some exceptions) Oversized + Shapes: Order in multiples of 3 or 5. (Some exceptions) Air- ll 4"–14": Order in multiples of 10. (Some exceptions) GEORGIA LAW By accepting delivery of the ordered products, you consent to the jurisdiction of any court in the State of Georgia and the laws of Georgia.

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