Balloon Basics Guide


How to use HI-FLOAT ® :

ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® is a non-toxic sealant that can be used inside helium-filled latex balloons to increase the float time. ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® multiplies the float time by 25 times the norm. ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® dries crystal clear and forms a barrier that retains the helium inside the balloon. PROFESSIONALS DEMAND Helium retention solution increases the float-time of latex balloons

Step 1: Place pump in bottle

Step 2: Prime the pump





Helium Retention Solution Increases float time of helium-filled latex balloons.

Step 3: Install restriction clip

A. HF113 ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® . Pint. 16 oz. Pump. TREATS: 100–11" balloons 67–14" balloons 36–16" balloons

B. HF119 ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® . 24 oz TREATS: 142–11" balloons 101–14" balloons 54–16" balloons

C. HF118 ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® . 96 oz TREATS: 568–11" balloons 405–14" balloons 216–16" balloons

D. HF109 ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® . 5 oz. Pump. TREATS: 50–9" balloons 25–11" balloons

Step 4: Slide balloon over pump outlet nozzle + dispense

DO THE RIGHT THING Safety tips HI-FLOAT ® Endless Bags are the safest way to transport treated latex balloons. w Cut to any size to accommodate large jobs w Ventilated to allow HI-FLOAT ® treated balloons to dry properly w Printed with balloon care and HI-FLOAT ® cleaning instructions

Step 5: Massage bulb of balloon

Step 6: Rotate nozzle downward and inflate Brief overview–for more details, refer to instructions included with product.

HF150 Transport Bags


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