Balloon Basics Guide

Balloon Basics

BALL101 VOL #5

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The Best In Service, Selection, & Satisfaction®. Founded in 1982 and located in Bogart, Georgia, USA, we employ nearly 300 people and operate out of corporate offices and warehouse space totaling in excess of 300,000 square feet.

Helium Helium is a colorless, non-toxic,

In addition to the cost of the helium itself, some suppliers charge an additional monthly rental/lease for the cylinder and require a security deposit. You should ask about delivery charges and whether or not a regulator is included with the cylinder. Regulators are discussed in more detail on page 3. w DO NOT open the cylinder valve before attaching a regulator to it. w Close the cylinder valve after each use and when the cylinder is empty. w When transporting, always close the valve, remove the regulator, and replace the cap. w Never use a damaged cylinder or regulator.

non-flammable gas that is lighter than air. When most balloons are filled with helium, they float.

Helium can be obtained from a local industrial gas supplier. Many different sized cylinders are available.


w DO NOT intentionally inhale helium. While helium is a relatively safe gas, purposeful ingesting can cause dizziness, fainting, suffocation, and possible death. w DO NOT leave cylinders unattended. w Store cylinders in a secured, upright position where they will not accidentally fall. Cylinders should be chained to a wall or placed on a safety stand at all times.

49100 Tank Cover


Average # per 242 cf Tank

Average # per 242 cf Tank

Lift Ability

Gas Capacity

Lift Ability

Gas Capacity

Balloon Type

Balloon Type

5" Round Latex *

15" Solid Bubbles™ *


0.06 cf


4.68 gr

0.43 cf


9" Round Latex *

20" Deco Bubble *

6 gr

0.25 cf


10.35 gr

0.7 cf


11" Round Latex *

22" Bubbles™ *

10 gr

0.5 cf


14.6 gr

0.96 cf


16" Round Latex *

24" Double Bubble *

34 gr

1.5 cf


7.2 gr

1.2 cf


18" Round Latex *

15" Cubez™ †

51 gr

2 cf


30 gr

1.36 cf


24" Round Latex *

16" Orbz™ †

120 gr

5 cf


30 gr

1.13 cf


30" Round Latex *

17" Diamondz™ †

184 gr

8 cf


30 gr

0.97 cf


3' Giant Latex *

21" Anglez™ †

339 gr

15 cf


30 gr

1.51 cf


Standard Round *

28" Sing-A-Tune ® †

2 gr

0.39–0.5 cf


30 gr

1.94 cf


Standard Heart *

36" Round *

2 gr

0.39–0.5 cf


66 gr

4.4 cf


Standard Square *

36" Heart *

3.5 gr

0.6 cf


53 gr

4 cf


Standard Star *

36" Star *

3 gr

0.6 cf


32 gr

2.5 cf


* Elevation: El Dorado, KS.

† Elevation: Minneapolis, MN.


cf cubic feet



PROPER STORAGE Safety first Helium

HCC1 Safety Cart

HCC3 Safety Cart

Helium is stored in highly pressurized cylinders ranging from 1,800–2,400 pounds per square inch (PSI). A ruptured helium cylinder can be compared to a missile or the equivalent of two pounds of TNT.

HCC2 Safety Cart

HOT + COLD Just so you know

Keep outdoor conditions in mind when inflating balloons with helium. Helium is sensitive to hot and cold and will expand or contract in extreme temperatures.

For example, a balloon inflated in a warm room and taken outside to very cold conditions will seem to lose helium. When the balloon is returned to indoor temperatures, the balloon should return to its original state.

The opposite is true in hot weather conditions. If a balloon is inflated to the maximum and taken outside to very hot conditions, it could burst from the expansion of helium.

Regulators + Inflators A regulator (sometimes referred to as an inflator) is a valve attached to a helium tank that dispenses helium into balloons. There are many types of regulators available, from basic to multi-functional units. Be sure to weigh the benefits and features before investing in this highly important part of your balloon business. At first glance, the investment in quality equipment may be somewhat overwhelming, but upon further research, you will find that the greater the investment up front, the greater the rewards will be down the line. Balloon professionals rely heavily on the automatic shut-off feature on regulators. By allowing the machine to notify you when the balloon has reached maximum helium capacity, the risk of popping foil balloons is greatly minimized.


Avoid slow leaks Never use a rubber tilt valve to inflate foil balloons. The tilt valve can damage the self-sealing mechanism on foil balloons causing a slow leak + rendering them defective.

Use with helium

BR74HG Deluxe Foil + Latex Inflator The brass push valve designed for foil inflation is tapered to accommodate the slender tail where the self-sealing valve is housed. The speed push valve (mushroom shape) is specially designed for use with latex balloons and the ever-popular plastic Bubbles™.

Use with helium

HGS202 Extension Hose Inflator What a combination this inflator provides. Auto shut-off for foil along with a 12' extension hose allows flexibility in how and where helium balloons are inflated. The rubber tilt valve is the standard for latex balloon fill-ups. The easy hand-tight connection makes attachment a breeze, and the gauge ensures that you never run short of helium.


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Regulators + Inflators

Use with helium

Use with air, helium, or nitrogen

Use with air

TR1 Single Helium Transfiller Unit With this unit, the safe and efficient transfer of helium from large cylinders to small ones becomes a no-brainer. Leave your huge, heavy tank at the shop and load the lightweight one and go. Be sure to request the complimentary instructional DVD, available in both English and Spanish.

83601 Inflator Here is the decorator’s dream!

84601 Balloon Sizer This is the ULTIMATE in balloon professional’s tools. This machine is the fastest, most efficient, and accurate sizer available in the market. Operating with air, helium, or nitrogen, if you blow a lot of balloons for deliveries or decorating, this investment will pay for itself.

Precision sizing is available at the tap of a foot pedal. This machine sizes both round and non-round latex balloons. If your business calls for air-filled sculptures, arches, columns, garlands, murals, and walls, this is the inflator for you. If you plan to branch into drops, then consider this investment.

Helium-filled Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are manufactured from nylon and polyethylene. The manufacturing process is as follows: the polyethylene is extruded onto the nylon and heat sealed to create the finished product– a foil balloon. When filled with helium, foil balloons measuring 17" and larger will float. SELF-SEALING VALVES

Foil balloons of today (sold through b + B ® ) are manufactured with self-sealing valves. Any balloon 17" and larger contains a self-sealing mechanism embedded in the balloon. Most are found in the tail, but in some instances of large

oversized shapes, the inflation point and mechanism are in an obscure place.

A67387-18 17" Foil Balloon


w Always use balloon weights. w Avoid releasing helium-filled foil balloons into the environment. When the party, event, or celebration is over, dispose of balloons properly. w Keep un-inflated or popped latex out of the hands of small children. Choking is a hazard and adult supervision is mandatory with young children. w Never use metallic ribbon on helium-filled foil or latex balloons. If released into the air, the ribbon could cause electrical failure if caught in power lines.

When inflating a foil balloon, at the point when the proper pressure is at the fill level, the auto shut-off will emit a sound (similar to “puffff”) indicating that the balloon is full. When released from the inflator/regulator, the valve will intuitively close and the balloon is now sealed. As an added measure, you may want to lightly press with your fingers over the area on the tail as an added assurance.


Helium-filled Foil Balloons

INFLATION IN HIGH ALTITUDES Some foil balloons will not float in high altitudes. If you work in a high-altitude location, please consider the following when ordering foil balloons: w Balloons that are 21" or larger are more likely than standard (17"/18") to float in high altitudes. w Standard balloons that have detailed designs use more ink, which may cause the balloon to be heavier and less likely to float in a high altitude. This is also true for two-sided, standard (17"/18") balloons. w Standard, round-shaped balloons generally float better than heart, star, or other shaped balloons. w Also, balloon weights and ribbons attached to balloons can affect the float-ability in high altitudes. PROPER DISPOSAL Encourage customers to properly dispose of foil balloons by cutting them open to release helium and then discarding them in a trash container. Unlike latex balloons, foil balloons are not biodegradable. Never release foil balloons into the atmosphere. PACKAGED FOIL BALLOONS Many 17" balloon designs are individually pre-packaged. Packaged balloons can be displayed on a stationary or rotating rack. This form of merchandising allows your customers an interactive shopping experience.

BALLOON WEIGHTS Every helium balloon sold or

47200 72 Peg Floor Spinner

given away should have a weight attached. If a balloon arrangement is sold, each individual balloon should have a weight. Balloon weights are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors, and are sure to please your budget. Be creative upselling your existing gift inventory with anything heavy enough; baskets, mugs, and plush make excellent weights while also allowing you to boost your sales. Altitude, atmospheric conditions, and other weather-related factors can affect the number of balloons that any given weight can “anchor.”


Balloon Type Float Time

18" Clearly b + B ® Plastic

5 days

17"/18" Foil

3–4 weeks

14750 Balloon Weight Asst.

26" Foil

3–4 weeks

W50 Balloon Weights

36" Foil

Several months

TIME SAVERS + AHA! moments w Before inflating a self-sealing foil balloon, tie a balloon weight to one end of a ribbon and attach the other end of the ribbon to the balloon. It is important that the ribbon be tied below the seal-sealing valve of the foil balloon. Attaching ribbon above the valve can cause a slow leak. By attaching the ribbon and weight first, time is saved and balloons will not escape if accidentally released after inflation. w Never use a heat sealer on a self-sealing balloon. It could cause damage to the self-sealing valve.

931633 Curling Ribbon

931658 Curling Ribbon


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Air-fill foil balloons are available in 4", 9", and 14" shapes. These small foil balloons are designed to be filled with air and attached to a plastic cup and stick. To lower labor costs, purchase pre-filled (air-filled), which means they arrive filled with air, sealed, and include a cup and stick. Assortments are available with displays or selections may be made by individual style. When air-fill foil balloons are purchased flat, an electric air inflator is required for inflation. Please note that foil balloons smaller than standard should only be inflated with air as smaller sizes will not float with helium. Air-fill Foil Balloons

We recommend an electric air inflator such as the Mini Cool Aire ® Dual Pro™ Inflator. This inflator has three nozzles available depending on the size of the balloon, delivers the cool air and low pressure ideal for foil balloons, high pressure activation for inflating latex balloons, and features the cutting-edge Cool Aire ® nozzle that eliminates damage when air-filling standard or larger foil balloons that contain self-sealing valves.

50302 4" General Message Asst.

An electric heat sealer is needed since the balloons do not have self-sealing valves. We recommend a 12" machine that, in addition, seals plastic bags. Curling irons, clothing irons, and other household appliances are not recommended for use in sealing balloons. Such appliances do not seal properly and can burn through the balloon stem or possibly cause serious injury.

831 Inflator

HS870 12" Heat Sealer



HOW TO Clean seal = no leak

Balloons that are air-filled and heat sealed will often react to extreme fluctuations in weather conditions. When a balloon is transferred from a cold to a hot environment or vice versa, the foil may have a tendency to expand or contract. To troubleshoot “mushy” balloons, consider the following: w Have they been in your store for at least 24 hours to adjust to the temperature? w Are they placed near an air vent? w Are all of the balloons soft/deflated or only a few of them? w How many styles are affected, one or multiple? w Is the outer shipping material/carton damaged? After time to adjust to the current indoor temperature, your balloons should return to their original state.

1. After inflating, pinch the stem of the balloon firmly with one hand. Use the other hand to flatten the stem. The stem should be free of wrinkles, creases, and any dust or dirt to promote a solid seal. Set the heat sealer control at 2.5. If this seems too hot, set it lower. 2. Position the flattened stem under the upper bar of the heat sealer so that the seal will be made just above the opening in the stem. Press the bar and hold for 4–5 seconds, slowly pulling the neck through the sealer. The red light will confirm that the sealer is making good contact. After the red light goes out, release the upper bar. The pad protecting the element will wear thin after extended use. When replacing with a new pad, also replace the element. Unplug the heat sealer before replacing the pad and element. After inflating and sealing air-filled foil balloons, they can then be attached to a cup and stick, which are purchased separately.


Cups + Sticks


HOW TO Practice makes perfect

1. After sealing the air-filled balloon, tightly twist the stem about ten times. With the Cello Cup™ upside down, hold the air-filled balloon upside down and pull the stem up through the first slit. It helps to place your finger over this first slit to prevent the balloon stem from slipping as you proceed. 2. Wrap the exposed neck across the next slit. 3. Pull the stem across the underside of the cup to the next slit, then pull the stem up through that slit resembling a “weaving” action. 4. Pull the stem across the top of the cup to the first slit and pull the stem down through it. This results in an over-under weaving action. Be sure to pull the stem tight at the beginning so that the balloon sits securely in the cup. Pull the stem tight at the remaining slit and continue the over-under weaving action until the stem is hidden. The cup can then be attached to a stick. With slight variations, these directions can also be applied to the other cups listed on this page.

CC101 Balloon Cups

After inflating and sealing, air-filled foil balloons can be mounted on a stick. The type of cup and stick used will depend on the size of the balloon and its end use. Below are some of the cups available to use for mounting air-filled balloons. The instructions for all cups are very similar in that they all involve twisting the stem of the balloon and then pulling it through an opening while weaving over and under and tucking the end of the stem under a clip or under the balloon.

b + B ® FACT

burton + BURTON ® is the largest manufacturer + distributor of balloons + coordinating gift products in the world.



MCWB Balloon Cups Standard. Plastic. Use with 9" foil balloons.

CC101 Balloon Cups Cello-Cup ® . Plastic. Use with 4"–14" foil or 11"–12" latex balloons.

HPS20C Balloon Sticks MaxiStick™ II. Heavy Plastic. Fits cup CC107 only. 20" High

Balloon Sticks. Fits cups MCWB, CC101, CC104. PS24W Plastic. 24" High PS16W Plastic. 16" High PS12W Plastic. 12" High 9726935 Balloon Sticks Wood. Chisel point. Fits cup CC101 only. 14½" High

CC107 Balloon Cups MaxiCup™ II. Plastic. Use with standard–28" foil or 16"–24" latex balloons.

CC104 Balloon Cups Mini Micro ® II. Plastic. Use with 4"–9" foil balloons.


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Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are manufactured by using 100% natural latex or by combining latex with man-made agents. As latex is porous, it does not hold helium as long as foil balloons. Latex is biodegradable and will naturally decompose. Latex balloons sized 9" and larger will float when inflated with helium. The rubber tilt valve or brass push valve with speed tip on a regulator should be used when inflating latex balloons. Remember, the regulator does not have automatic shut-off capabilities for latex balloons unless you are using a computerized inflation machine. See pages 3–4 for regulator information. PROPER INFLATION

Brass + Push FOIL



Absolutely, positively, without a doubt–critical to your success in the balloon industry–be sure to select the proper inflation method. Whether you call it a tip or a valve, make sure to use the correct one with the particular balloon that you are inflating.

Q-11-00 11" Standard Latex Asst.

Plastic + Push FOIL

Plastic + Push LATEX

EXPERT ADVICE Helpful hints + tips from industry elites

Latex balloons should be inflated until they are oval but not in a pear or light-bulb shape.

HI795 Hand Air Inflator

Over Inflated Under Inflated Properly Inflated

SEALING Latex balloons can be sealed by hand-tying or by using sealing discs or clips. Hand-tying is the most popular method, since it has the tightest seal and gives a finished look to the balloon. However, if there are a large number of latex balloons to inflate, using sealing discs or clips is also a good option. Whether hand-tying or using sealing discs or clips, a ribbon or string can be attached at the same time the balloon is sealed. This saves time and ensures a secure attachment. AIR-FILLED LATEX BALLOONS Small balloons do not offer a large enough “cavity” to become buoyant. Any size latex balloon can be air-filled, but only use helium with 9" + larger.

SD302 Sealing Discs

PLANET EARTH Today‘s shoppers are searching for ways to help preserve our environment. We are dedicated to helping you provide your customers with environmentally-responsible information and products. Here are some earth-friendly pointers: w Coating latex balloons with HI-FLOAT ® solution extends float time. w Latex balloons biodegrade at the same rate as oak leaves. w Every balloon should be weighted to prevent random float-aways. When the party’s over, be sure to properly dispose of both latex + foil balloons. w As latex balloons degrade, a natural process, called oxidizing, occurs. The balloons take on a cloudy or slightly dull appearance. The progression can be slowed by applying a solution to the outside of latex balloons. The original luster can be extended when taking this extra step.


Latex Balloons

ENTERTAINER BALLOONS Entertainer balloons are also known as twisting balloons. Formerly called pencil balloons (named after their long, thin, elongated shape), they were seen at carnivals and festivals and used by buskers. Fast forward to the present: entertainers are not just for entertaining anymore! These interesting balloons are included in trendy sculptures, everyday décor, and balloon deliveries. The most common way to inflate these balloons is with an electric inflator or a hand pump. Some artists have mastered the method of mouth blowing, which is acquired after a ton of practice and strong lungs.

MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE Latex should be stored away from bright lights and heated areas.

Q-260-E Traditional Entertainer Latex Asst.

Balloon Arches Arches are a fun and popular balloon decoration with endless potential for creativity. From shopping malls to hotel ballrooms, arches add excitement and provide lavish displays of color. There are many variations. The following is just a sampling of the simple ways arches can be constructed: SINGLE ARCH Single arches are made of single latex balloons tied directly to a monofilament line. The balloons can be packed closely together or evenly spaced. The arch can be dressed up with a variety of accents such as ribbon, tulle, poly-silk leaves, flowers, or feathers. Use air-filled balloons, to create a High-Low Arch, a variation of the single arch. RAINBOW ARCH Rainbow arches include several single arches of varying length that can be placed together, creating a rainbow of colors. SPIRAL ARCH Spiral arches are composed of either a three-cluster or a four-cluster latex group joined by plastic balloon clips and attached directly to the monofilament line. FOIL ARCH Foil arches can be created using helium-filled foil balloons. The balloons can be attached to the monofilament line, using a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) twisted around the tail. SWAG ARCH Swag arches are air-filled and can be suspended from the ceiling or other support. They can be made from a single or spiral arch.




Arch is wider than it is tall: Height + Width = Approximate Total Length



Arch height & width are about the same: 1.5 (Height) + Width = Approximate Total Length



Arch is taller than it is wide: 2 (Height) + Width = Approximate Total Length

Image courtesy of Qualatex ® , Wichita, KS.


5 inch 9 inch 11 inch 14 inch 16 inch

= = = = =

12 per foot 8 per foot 6 per foot 4 per foot 4 per foot


Balloon Arches

Supplies: w Latex Balloons–11" or 16"

HOW TO Building an arch:

9. Continue to build arch until desired length is reached. 10. Wrap monofilament line four or five times around balloon clusters at the end of line in a looping motion in order to keep the balloon clusters solidly packed on the line. 11. Use a brick, sand-filled weight, or drapery hook w Monofilament line (at least 50# weight) w Electric sizing machine or templates w Helium cylinder and inflator or electric air inflator

1. Attach the loose end of the monofilament line to the back of a chair or a similar stationary object. Be sure to allow about four or five extra feet of monofilament line to finish the arch. 2. Typically, two colors of balloons are used. One will be called the contrasting color or the spiral. 3. Inflate the balloons uniformly using either an electric sizing machine or other suitable template. 4. Tie two inflated balloons of the same color together. 5. Tie two inflated balloons of the contrasting color together. 6. Twist the two sets of balloons together, creating a quad.

(anchored to carpet) to hold each end of the arch in place.

7. Secure clusters on the line by looping the monofilament line around the cluster several times to hold it in place. Be sure to keep the line tightly stretched and clusters solidly packed on the line. Wrap monofilament line around two or three balloons in the cluster to secure. Add another cluster and repeat. 8. Make sure each cluster is exactly the same color pattern. The spiral is accomplished by moving the contrasting color one quarter turn clockwise as it is packed on the line. It is important that the clusters are tightly packed together on the line. There will be a few inches between the center of each cluster.

Another option . . . A three balloon cluster may also be used to make an arch. Instead of tying four balloons together, first tie two together, then tie a third balloon directly to the pair to form a cluster of three. Remember that pattern color placement must be consistent to achieve a spiral. Follow steps 7–11 to complete the arch.

DO THE RIGHT THING Balloon delivery bags make life easier BALLOON DELIVERY BAGS If you decide to inflate the latex before arriving at the venue, be sure to choose the appropriate


Decorating with balloons can be an exciting supplement to an existing business or an opportunity for a new business. The days of bouquets of balloons as “decorations” are being superseded by arches, sculptures, and drops. Typically, decorating is conducted at the actual site. Every decorating job will differ and should be evaluated individually. Decorating is labor intensive and costly; thus, the following should be considered: Make sure you have the required skill and supplies. A basic rule is “keep it simple.” Try more complicated sculptures on your own before you attempt a professional job. Also, order any needed supplies ahead of time. Remember, your supplier is subject to stock availability. Decide whether the decoration is a short- or long-term exhibit. Air-filled arches will last for several days; helium-filled arches are more short-term. A professional standard is very important in the balloon industry. Never promise something you cannot deliver or do an inferior job. Advise the customer of your skill level and the expense involved from the onset.

delivery bag based on the size of the project as well as the holding capacity of your vehicle. With proper care and handling, these bags are reusable and will last for multiple jobs.

38586 Balloon Delivery Bags


Balloon Drops

BS10 Deluxe Balloon Net

Balloon drops are not just for New Year’s Eve galas anymore! The days of isolating such an extravagant event to celebrate another year’s end are long gone. Today’s balloon professionals are suggesting drops at wedding receptions, milestone anniversaries, graduations, political rallies, and of course surprise birthday parties. Successful balloon drops are time consuming, labor intensive, and tend to be costly. When quoting these jobs, be certain that you and your team possess the necessary skills and equipment to make the industry proud. Hold a practice run prior to the actual event if necessary. Be sure to visit the venue before promising to deliver a drop. BE PREPARED A job cost sheet is critical in preplanning and executing large jobs. When pricing/bidding on a job, consider the following: theme, location, date and time of the event, set-up and tear down time needed, room limitations or challenges, and individual overhead and margin requirements. One way to determine your pricing is based on the number of balloons involved. Take a constant and multiply by the cost of supplies, or supplies plus labor multiplied by the constant. If there is a rigging fee for setup or any union labor involved, factor that into your quote and be sure to add a reasonable mark-up. w As a guide, a beginner can inflate 75–100 (non-sized) balloons per hour, whereas an experienced artist can inflate 300 balloons per hour. w Always, always, always, carry insurance! And honor and obey the rules of the venue so you are sure to be welcome again.

TIPS OF THE TRADE A common oversight when promising a balloon drop is overlooking the necessary ample ceiling clearance and work space. Most inflation is done on-site as the number of balloons can vary from 150–150,000.


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How to use HI-FLOAT ® :

ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® is a non-toxic sealant that can be used inside helium-filled latex balloons to increase the float time. ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® multiplies the float time by 25 times the norm. ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® dries crystal clear and forms a barrier that retains the helium inside the balloon. PROFESSIONALS DEMAND Helium retention solution increases the float-time of latex balloons

Step 1: Place pump in bottle

Step 2: Prime the pump





Helium Retention Solution Increases float time of helium-filled latex balloons.

Step 3: Install restriction clip

A. HF113 ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® . Pint. 16 oz. Pump. TREATS: 100–11" balloons 67–14" balloons 36–16" balloons

B. HF119 ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® . 24 oz TREATS: 142–11" balloons 101–14" balloons 54–16" balloons

C. HF118 ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® . 96 oz TREATS: 568–11" balloons 405–14" balloons 216–16" balloons

D. HF109 ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® . 5 oz. Pump. TREATS: 50–9" balloons 25–11" balloons

Step 4: Slide balloon over pump outlet nozzle + dispense

DO THE RIGHT THING Safety tips HI-FLOAT ® Endless Bags are the safest way to transport treated latex balloons. w Cut to any size to accommodate large jobs w Ventilated to allow HI-FLOAT ® treated balloons to dry properly w Printed with balloon care and HI-FLOAT ® cleaning instructions

Step 5: Massage bulb of balloon

Step 6: Rotate nozzle downward and inflate Brief overview–for more details, refer to instructions included with product.

HF150 Transport Bags


For best results, replace the red cap after each use. To obtain maximum productivity, periodically soak the pump in hot tap water overnight.

MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE Tips about clips

For further information visit:

Choosing the proper clip is important.

HF116 Pump Set


Customers are willing to pay a little more for a treated balloon! Offer your clientele an education on HI-FLOAT ® and its benefits . . . sure to bring you and your customers extra joy.




Balloon Size



not recommended


not recommended

11" with 60/40 inflator





2 strokes orange

2 strokes gray

EXPERT ADVICE Helpful hints + tips from industry elites


2 strokes gray

3 strokes gray


3 strokes gray

4 strokes gray

Decrease the amount of HI-FLOAT ® when treating pearl or metallic latex balloons. These balloons are heavier due to composition and will float better if slightly less HI-FLOAT ® is used.


2 strokes no clip

3 strokes no clip


3 strokes no clip

4 strokes no clip


4 strokes no clip

5 strokes no clip


¾ cup (add with funnel)

1 cup (add with funnel)


1½ cups (add with funnel)

2 cups (add with funnel)


For use with latex balloons only.

Average Float Time Helium + ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® *

Average Float Time Helium + SUPER HI-FLOAT ® *

Latex Balloon Size

Average Float Time Helium Only*

Latex Balloon Type

Average # per 242 cf Tank


Standard Colors


12–24 hours

1–4 weeks

4–10 days


Metallic + Pearl


12–24 hours

1–3 weeks

4–7 days




26–30 hours

2–5 weeks

8–14 days




30+ hours

3–7 weeks

14–20 days




36+ hours

3–8 weeks

16–24 days


GEO Donut ®


22–26 hours

4–12 days

3–5 days


GEO Blossom ®


18–24 hours

3–10 days

2–4 days




2–4 hours

4–10 weeks

18–30 days




3–5 hours

6–20 weeks

4–8 weeks

* Please remember that these are estimates based on typical indoor conditions and following all of the HI-FLOAT ® instructions. Float time will be less if outdoors. Float time varies greatly due to factors such as latex quality, humidity, temperature, altitude, etc. Balloons typically last half as long in hot, humid weather. For maximum float time, hand-tie balloons. Float time estimates for ULTRA HI-FLOAT ® + SUPER HI-FLOAT ® are from the manufacturer. cf cubic feet


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Balloons make dollars + sense!

MyOwnPet Balloons ® are an instant favorite. Available in a plethora of adorable choices, be sure to add this category today!


burton + BURTON ® Exclusively!

99142-36 Unicorn

The choice is yours Pick from pre-packed assortments or let us select for you










Seasoned Favorites



23024-26 Bubbles™



22157-26 Bubbles™


BIGGER is better Popular licensed shapes S-E-L-L


49446-18 Orbz™







musical Packaging includes interactive TRY ME Button

• Hear the music • Branding boost • Best-selling designs

46638-26 Sing-A-Tune ®

40062-26 Sing-A-Tune ®


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“The very best latex balloons in basic colors are an absolute MUST for any balloon business.”



Dark Blue


5" Q-05-28 11" Q-11-28

5" Q-05-24 11" Q-11-24

5" Q-05-21 11" Q-11-21

5" Q-05-23 11" Q-11-23

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Lime Green

Robin’s Egg Blue 5" Q-05-98 11" Q-11-98

Wild Berry

5" Q-05-25 11" Q-11-25

5" Q-05-89 11" Q-11-89

5" Q-05-100 11" Q-11-100

Standard Entertainers White















Pale Blue




Dark Blue













160Q. 1" × 60"

260Q. 2" × 60"

350Q. 3" × 50"


• Digital sizing with time adjustment buttons • Push activated and battery level indicator • Rechargeable, non-replaceable battery • Designed for use with all modeling balloons

Quick Link Balloons™ balloon columns and

arches are: w Tangle-free

w Easily done and undone w Constructed solely with balloons

White 6" L-06-28 12" L-12-28

Yellow 6" L-06-24 12" L-12-24

Green 6" L-06-22 12" L-12-22

• Ribbon cutters, belt adapters, + carrying case with shoulder strap.

841 Inflator Premium Smart-Twist ® . Electrical. Includes 2–small nozzles + 4–large nozzles. 5 lb. 6"H × 7"W × 5"D

Pale Blue 6" L-06-27 12" L-12-27

Dark Blue 6" L-06-21 12" L-12-21

Pink 6" L-06-26 12" L-12-26

Red 6" L-06-23 12" L-12-23

Orange 6" L-06-25 12" L-12-25




Arch requires 128–11" latex balloons. Columns require 32–11" latex balloons + 1 topper latex balloon each. Some assembly required. Images courtesy of Zephyr Solutions, Inc., Avon, OH. Includes: w Zip! Electric Inflator w 4–Bases w 4–Two-piece Extension Poles w Arch Cord w 60– Balloon Rings™ w 2–Column Caps w Instructions

83001 Deluxe Latex Balloon Arch + Column Kit Plastic. Steel. Fiberglass. Aluminum. Creates 2–6½' Columns + 1–9'H × 11'W Arch. 20 lb. 6½' High 20 Linear Feet Balloons sold separately.

1–pole shown (set includes 4)

2–column caps

7¼"H × 6"Diameter

Curling Ribbon

expert’s CHOICE

For inflation, we recommend: Brass


Brass + Push FOIL


Inflates foil balloons automatically to the correct pressure and size.

BR74HG Deluxe Foil + Latex Inflator

w Hand-tight CGA-580 connection w Brass push valve with auto shut-off for foil balloons w Brass push valve with speed tip for latex balloons w Brass speed tip adapter for valved latex balloons, Bubbles™, + Orbz™ w Gauge w Tie hook w Ribbon cutter

931626 Black

931601 White

931665 Daffodil

931696 Citrus

931612 Royal Blue

931627 Azalea

931613 Red

931604 Orange


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“What products should be in every balloon professional’s tool box?” Check out these 9 essential items










NECESSITIES These items are essential for any successful balloon decorator

94300 Ceiling Magnets Clik-Clik™. ClikMagnets. Supports up to 5 lb. 1¾" Wide

W50 Balloon Weights Clip-N-Weight ® . Plastic. Holds 3–standard or 1–22" Bubbles™ or 1–16" Orbz™ balloon. 30 gr • 3½" Wide W21 Balloon Weight Asst. Heavy Weights™. Plastic. Holds 12–standard or 6–11" latex balloons. 85 gr • 2¼" Diameter W34 Balloon Weight Asst. Clip-N-Weight ® . Plastic. Holds 2–standard or 1–11" latex balloon. 16 gr • 3¼" Wide

94290 Ceiling Suspension Tool Clik-Clik™. Single MagMover. 3" High




838 Inflator MicroAir™. Electrical. 3 lb. 8"H × 7"W × 5½"D

18000 Pole Clik-Clik™. MagPole. Aluminum. Fiberglass. 5'3" Long. 18' Extension




14062 Balloon Sizing Template Qualatex ® Balloon Sizer. Corrugated Plastic. 18 Graduated Sizes. Some assembly required. 16"H × 16"W × 16"D



503 Balloon Holder Grab-a-Balloon. Plastic. 5"H × 7"Diameter


Edward Muñoz, CBA ®

Edward Muñoz is a welcome addition to the b + B ® design and education team. He began his career in Caracas, Venezuela, where he worked designing elaborate balloon creations for over 11 years. Soon after, he created his company, El Genio de los Globos, showcasing his style, dedication, and award-winning designs. Muñoz has used his exquisite attention to detail and flair to decorate some of Venezuela’s most noteworthy events. In 2014 he relocated to San Francisco, CA, where he continued to share his love for balloons. Muñoz specializes in large scale décor for big events and enjoys teaching others how to transform simple spaces into spectacular spaces!



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