Balloon Basics Guide

PROPER STORAGE Safety first Helium

HCC1 Safety Cart

HCC3 Safety Cart

Helium is stored in highly pressurized cylinders ranging from 1,800–2,400 pounds per square inch (PSI). A ruptured helium cylinder can be compared to a missile or the equivalent of two pounds of TNT.

HCC2 Safety Cart

HOT + COLD Just so you know

Keep outdoor conditions in mind when inflating balloons with helium. Helium is sensitive to hot and cold and will expand or contract in extreme temperatures.

For example, a balloon inflated in a warm room and taken outside to very cold conditions will seem to lose helium. When the balloon is returned to indoor temperatures, the balloon should return to its original state.

The opposite is true in hot weather conditions. If a balloon is inflated to the maximum and taken outside to very hot conditions, it could burst from the expansion of helium.

Regulators + Inflators A regulator (sometimes referred to as an inflator) is a valve attached to a helium tank that dispenses helium into balloons. There are many types of regulators available, from basic to multi-functional units. Be sure to weigh the benefits and features before investing in this highly important part of your balloon business. At first glance, the investment in quality equipment may be somewhat overwhelming, but upon further research, you will find that the greater the investment up front, the greater the rewards will be down the line. Balloon professionals rely heavily on the automatic shut-off feature on regulators. By allowing the machine to notify you when the balloon has reached maximum helium capacity, the risk of popping foil balloons is greatly minimized.


Avoid slow leaks Never use a rubber tilt valve to inflate foil balloons. The tilt valve can damage the self-sealing mechanism on foil balloons causing a slow leak + rendering them defective.

Use with helium

BR74HG Deluxe Foil + Latex Inflator The brass push valve designed for foil inflation is tapered to accommodate the slender tail where the self-sealing valve is housed. The speed push valve (mushroom shape) is specially designed for use with latex balloons and the ever-popular plastic Bubbles™.

Use with helium

HGS202 Extension Hose Inflator What a combination this inflator provides. Auto shut-off for foil along with a 12' extension hose allows flexibility in how and where helium balloons are inflated. The rubber tilt valve is the standard for latex balloon fill-ups. The easy hand-tight connection makes attachment a breeze, and the gauge ensures that you never run short of helium.


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