Balloon Basics Guide

Helium-filled Foil Balloons

INFLATION IN HIGH ALTITUDES Some foil balloons will not float in high altitudes. If you work in a high-altitude location, please consider the following when ordering foil balloons: w Balloons that are 21" or larger are more likely than standard (17"/18") to float in high altitudes. w Standard balloons that have detailed designs use more ink, which may cause the balloon to be heavier and less likely to float in a high altitude. This is also true for two-sided, standard (17"/18") balloons. w Standard, round-shaped balloons generally float better than heart, star, or other shaped balloons. w Also, balloon weights and ribbons attached to balloons can affect the float-ability in high altitudes. PROPER DISPOSAL Encourage customers to properly dispose of foil balloons by cutting them open to release helium and then discarding them in a trash container. Unlike latex balloons, foil balloons are not biodegradable. Never release foil balloons into the atmosphere. PACKAGED FOIL BALLOONS Many 17" balloon designs are individually pre-packaged. Packaged balloons can be displayed on a stationary or rotating rack. This form of merchandising allows your customers an interactive shopping experience.

BALLOON WEIGHTS Every helium balloon sold or

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given away should have a weight attached. If a balloon arrangement is sold, each individual balloon should have a weight. Balloon weights are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors, and are sure to please your budget. Be creative upselling your existing gift inventory with anything heavy enough; baskets, mugs, and plush make excellent weights while also allowing you to boost your sales. Altitude, atmospheric conditions, and other weather-related factors can affect the number of balloons that any given weight can “anchor.”


Balloon Type Float Time

18" Clearly b + B ® Plastic

5 days

17"/18" Foil

3–4 weeks

14750 Balloon Weight Asst.

26" Foil

3–4 weeks

W50 Balloon Weights

36" Foil

Several months

TIME SAVERS + AHA! moments w Before inflating a self-sealing foil balloon, tie a balloon weight to one end of a ribbon and attach the other end of the ribbon to the balloon. It is important that the ribbon be tied below the seal-sealing valve of the foil balloon. Attaching ribbon above the valve can cause a slow leak. By attaching the ribbon and weight first, time is saved and balloons will not escape if accidentally released after inflation. w Never use a heat sealer on a self-sealing balloon. It could cause damage to the self-sealing valve.

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