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HOW TO Practice makes perfect

1. After sealing the air-filled balloon, tightly twist the stem about ten times. With the Cello Cup™ upside down, hold the air-filled balloon upside down and pull the stem up through the first slit. It helps to place your finger over this first slit to prevent the balloon stem from slipping as you proceed. 2. Wrap the exposed neck across the next slit. 3. Pull the stem across the underside of the cup to the next slit, then pull the stem up through that slit resembling a “weaving” action. 4. Pull the stem across the top of the cup to the first slit and pull the stem down through it. This results in an over-under weaving action. Be sure to pull the stem tight at the beginning so that the balloon sits securely in the cup. Pull the stem tight at the remaining slit and continue the over-under weaving action until the stem is hidden. The cup can then be attached to a stick. With slight variations, these directions can also be applied to the other cups listed on this page.

CC101 Balloon Cups

After inflating and sealing, air-filled foil balloons can be mounted on a stick. The type of cup and stick used will depend on the size of the balloon and its end use. Below are some of the cups available to use for mounting air-filled balloons. The instructions for all cups are very similar in that they all involve twisting the stem of the balloon and then pulling it through an opening while weaving over and under and tucking the end of the stem under a clip or under the balloon.

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MCWB Balloon Cups Standard. Plastic. Use with 9" foil balloons.

CC101 Balloon Cups Cello-Cup ® . Plastic. Use with 4"–14" foil or 11"–12" latex balloons.

HPS20C Balloon Sticks MaxiStick™ II. Heavy Plastic. Fits cup CC107 only. 20" High

Balloon Sticks. Fits cups MCWB, CC101, CC104. PS24W Plastic. 24" High PS16W Plastic. 16" High PS12W Plastic. 12" High 9726935 Balloon Sticks Wood. Chisel point. Fits cup CC101 only. 14½" High

CC107 Balloon Cups MaxiCup™ II. Plastic. Use with standard–28" foil or 16"–24" latex balloons.

CC104 Balloon Cups Mini Micro ® II. Plastic. Use with 4"–9" foil balloons.


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