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Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are manufactured by using 100% natural latex or by combining latex with man-made agents. As latex is porous, it does not hold helium as long as foil balloons. Latex is biodegradable and will naturally decompose. Latex balloons sized 9" and larger will float when inflated with helium. The rubber tilt valve or brass push valve with speed tip on a regulator should be used when inflating latex balloons. Remember, the regulator does not have automatic shut-off capabilities for latex balloons unless you are using a computerized inflation machine. See pages 3–4 for regulator information. PROPER INFLATION

Brass + Push FOIL



Absolutely, positively, without a doubt–critical to your success in the balloon industry–be sure to select the proper inflation method. Whether you call it a tip or a valve, make sure to use the correct one with the particular balloon that you are inflating.

Q-11-00 11" Standard Latex Asst.

Plastic + Push FOIL

Plastic + Push LATEX

EXPERT ADVICE Helpful hints + tips from industry elites

Latex balloons should be inflated until they are oval but not in a pear or light-bulb shape.

HI795 Hand Air Inflator

Over Inflated Under Inflated Properly Inflated

SEALING Latex balloons can be sealed by hand-tying or by using sealing discs or clips. Hand-tying is the most popular method, since it has the tightest seal and gives a finished look to the balloon. However, if there are a large number of latex balloons to inflate, using sealing discs or clips is also a good option. Whether hand-tying or using sealing discs or clips, a ribbon or string can be attached at the same time the balloon is sealed. This saves time and ensures a secure attachment. AIR-FILLED LATEX BALLOONS Small balloons do not offer a large enough “cavity” to become buoyant. Any size latex balloon can be air-filled, but only use helium with 9" + larger.

SD302 Sealing Discs

PLANET EARTH Today‘s shoppers are searching for ways to help preserve our environment. We are dedicated to helping you provide your customers with environmentally-responsible information and products. Here are some earth-friendly pointers: w Coating latex balloons with HI-FLOAT ® solution extends float time. w Latex balloons biodegrade at the same rate as oak leaves. w Every balloon should be weighted to prevent random float-aways. When the party’s over, be sure to properly dispose of both latex + foil balloons. w As latex balloons degrade, a natural process, called oxidizing, occurs. The balloons take on a cloudy or slightly dull appearance. The progression can be slowed by applying a solution to the outside of latex balloons. The original luster can be extended when taking this extra step.


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